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Anna Ruohonen Paris

Direction and edition work for several fashion films. Some of these films have been exhibited at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland.

Collection exhibition Finnish Form (2013-2016)
Le Petite Maison de Couture (1m20s)

Anna Ruohonen Kaj Franck exhibition (2017-2018)
Black classics is forever (2m55s)
Ete collection court-metrage 2012 (0:52)
Collection ete 2012 (0:59)
Collection hiver 2011 – 2012 (1m20s)
Le petite maison pour elle (1m24s)
Le petite maison pour lui (1m27s)
Collection hiver 2013-2014 (0:50)
Spring/summer 2013 (1m24s)
Spring/summer 2013 (1m27s)


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