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October 6, 2019

Creative testing as a insights generator

The advertising industry is overly excited about data. There is a huge expectation on what performance marketers can achieve with data, but there is little insights on the role data plays in creativity. The new question arising is – How can we merge creativity and data together to enable greater performance? 

There is an overly optimistic mindset that data can become your Creative Director and that the signals that come from data will drive your brand’s advertising to its full potential. But I don’t believe it’s about how data can make creative decisions, but how creative teams can improve creative by using the insights that come from it. The answer is not on how data itself will build your creative strategy, but how it can be used to improve human efforts to make the correct creative choices.

Executing creative work through the insights that comes from data, enables us to decipher the full potential of an idea. It minimizes the human error out of creative decisions. Data can take us to places we might not otherwise experience: It’s like seating in a dark cinema auditorium facing the audience and watching how they experience the film.

After working closely with data and data analysis for the past 2 years, I truly believe data is the answer to sustainable advertising performance. Together with my team, we’ve translated data insights into effective ads by having a holistic overview of what data can tell us from past campaigns paired with competitor and consumer behavior analysis. But data isn’t powerful on its own. We trust in our intuition, as the highest form of intelligence, to build hypothesis’ to execute from. Then we put the dots together in the creative strategies and executions we produce. 

The main challenge advertisers have today is how to stay ahead of the curve with customer behavioral changes. Data can give you patterns and insights, but by the time you have learned enough, your audience has already shifted the way they engage with the platforms they use and the way they engage with ads. Advertisers need to keep up with an ever-evolving audience to answer the way they behave with the content they are delivered.

The right mindset is to always be testing and experimenting with audience signals as a insights generator. How your brand responds creatively to these insights is the key to a sustainable performance with your advertising activities. 


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